Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lazy spanish tortilla

 A good hostess should always offer breakfast to her overnight guests, expected or not. 

What about when you are dreadfully low on ingredients? The other day I found everything needed to make a lazy spanish tortilla while digging through the pantry as he snored away. 

Got potatoes and eggs? You have tortilla. I throw whatever other veg I have in as well. I started by cooking potatoes and shallots on medium heat until done, with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

The mushrooms I had picked  up the other day went in the pan after a little cooking, and I beat 4 eggs in a bowl, which i then added to the cooked veggies. 

Why is this a lazy Spanish tortilla? Well for one thing, I cut my potatoes in chunks instead of nice flat ovals. But more importantly, I don't flip my tortilla. You are supposed to let the eggs cook on one side and then flip it over several times to get a nice omelet pie in the end. 

Because every time I try to prepare a proper tortilla I end up with scrambled eggs, I cheated: lowered the heat, coated the top with cheese, and covered it until it was cooked through. This results in a soft center and overcooked edges, but it saves your dignity after losing the tortilla battle too many times. 

I like it with creme fraiche on top and tabasco, both sorely lacking in my kitchen this day. Some nice green onions on top wouldn't hurt either. 

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