Thursday, February 24, 2011

seduction dinner

So I have certain dishes in my repertoire that I call my seduction dishes, and I like to make them for pretty boys and sexy girls. One of my favorites is bacon-wrapped shrimp with saffron risotto. I made this particular one for Care for valentine's day, and I have made it for Peach for V day as well! Gigi? Your turn. 

I nicked this recipe from a restaurant where I used to host in Marietta, GA called Simpatico.  Lets just say I ate a lot of saffron risotto during the two summers I worked there. And it was worth it. 

I start by cooking the bacon for just a few minutes in a saute pan and then set it aside. Use the bacon fat to cook a scallion and toast the aborio rice. (eeerrr, I don't use measurements for this recipe, as you may have noticed with my others... but I think it is ok to wing it.) Splash in some white wine - making sure it has been sampled several times beforehand- and simmer for a minute, then add (a lot of) saffron and start cooking it as a normal risotto- adding warm chicken stock until absorbed and constant stirring until done. 

In the meanwhile, wrap the shrimp with the semi- pre cooked bacon and broil until done. As the risotto comes near finished, sautee some spinach with garlic and butter in another pan. Remember to salt and pepper both the risotto and spinach! The only seasonings I use here are salt, pepper, and the saffron. 

When the risotto is tender and creamy, I stir in a big dollop of sour cream just to finish it off. Butter is never a bad idea either- and what is more seductive than butter? To serve I pile the risotto in the middle of the plate, top with the spinach, and surround with the shrimp. Like Simpatico, I add drops of sriracha  sauce to give a little kick to the creamy rice. Serve with white wine in whatever stage of undress you prefer. 

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  1. You certainly inspired and seduced me! I redid this recipe last night in an attempt to seduce my man. You, Brandy, have never steered me wrong.