Wednesday, March 9, 2011

girlie inspiration, part one: cosmetics

I am such a girlie girl. I do believe style and feminism can co-exist; and having written on gender studies I think fashion can actually be an excellent form of expression as long as it is a free choice. 

But enough about politics-- 
Having been a girlie girl for 28 years now I have developed quite a collection of girlie things, and I love them so I thought I would start this little series to share. 

Eyelashes range from costume to daily. 

I made a resolution to wear more lipstick this year. Almost all these are red. 

The only thing that will keep me from biting my nails for a day or two is a new coat of polish. 

My favorite perfume is Light Blue, but I love so many! These were almost all presents. 

But for my most loved cosmetic I only use one:

black liquid eyeliner with a brush.

(ok so I have one in my kit and one in my purse...)

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