Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

A few reasons why I love my mother:

She never put me in beauty pageants, even though I begged her.

She came to each and every one of my dance recitals for 13 years.

She taught me to always hand wash your pots and pans, and always use aluminum foil on baking sheets.

She believes any problem can be made better by a new pair of shoes or a pretty dress.

When I was a teenager obsessed with the Beatles she pretended that this was a novel concept and listened to old records for hours and hours.

She treats George like a grandchild.

We are both water signs and it shows.

When I was obsessed with Jeannie, she bought me a harem girl outfit and a golden cone to wear in my hair. And she let me go to school with the gold cone- which I loved so much, and even have a school picture in it.

She did not ground me when she found out I was keeping all my lunch money to buy concert tickets.

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  1. This is SO sweet Brandy (!!!) ...And you know what else 'shows' ? : You're a good daughter too. Happy Mothers Day to your mom from me too if it's okay..... Kim