Thursday, May 26, 2011

sartorial salute.

Lately I've been enjoying simple sartorial pleasures.
Basic, classic and elegant. Here are some ladies and gents who style I appreciate...

Sophia Coppola, I salute you. Monochrome with a dash of pearls and a nonchalant air.

Worn by French sailors and popularised by Coco, the breton top
has remained a staple classic. Ahoy!

I'm not a massive Kate fan, but I must admit I love this red-black-white combo, so effortlessly elegant yet simple!
Andy Warhol has that geek chic thing going on with his simple specs

Chloe Sevigny, I salute you for your lovely glasses!

The simple white t-shirt, as shown by Johnny Depp

I don't love Harry-Potter-Hermione but I must admit she wears the classic trench coat to perfection!

Charlotte and Audrey showing us how a crisp white shirt can just look so darn cool

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