Thursday, June 16, 2011

eye candy of the week.

I saw this painting, Sunflowers by Stanley Spencer, this week in person and was gobsmacked by its boldness and surrealism! Can you guess what this was about?


  1. Google tells me it's about universal harmony, and also "dog worship." Intriguing.

  2. It's more about Stanley Spencer's personal life - he was going through a bad streak in his marriage with his first wife. He had become enamoured of another lady in his village and became obsessed with the idea of her. He thought that it was right to desire two wives in his life! It almost seems as if this picture portrays him and his wife, but in ecstasy, crazed with these sunflowers - the dogs are animals of free-spirits, basking in this weird atmosphere. And have you noticed that the man is carrying his partner's red hand-bag? Apparently it's to assure her that he wants to look after her...
    That is what the guy said at the lecture!