Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Six impossible things to learn/ perfect

1. Tarot card reading   (I used to do it in High School but not since)

2. How to speak Farsi

3. How to sew dresses (my sewing skills are limited to curtains, skirts and pillows)

4. How to develop film in a darkroom for my Diana camera

5. Mixology (so I can get an awesome nighttime bartending gig, and mostly to tell people I'm a mixologist)

6. How to ride a motorcycle (but the class is $300!)

What about you guys?


  1. I'd like to: learn how to make dim sum, progress sewing skills beyond sewing on buttons and darning socks, make hats like a professional milliner, be an ace-bike rider so that I can go riding around french vineyards in the countryside, speak Japanese, and play the piano better!

  2. Oh I love all those Peachy! I especially want you to learn to make dim sum!