Saturday, September 17, 2011

Corinne Day: The Face.

There's a new exhibition in town at the Gimpel Fils Gallery, which is showing a few snaps by Brit photographer Corinne Day who sadly passed away last year. The show includes photo shoots that Corinne did for The Face a 90s fashion-arts-music magazine. This magazine captured the positive vibe of the early 90s: hedonism, hope and change.

What I like a lot about her photographs is that models are actually smiling. None of that pouty, glamazon stuff. Anti-glossy. They radiate fun, youth, being happy-go-lucky, a bit of the mundane, get-up-and-go, natural scruffy chic. There's very much a London quirkiness about these, that actually seems to be back in vogue at the moment. Just above, you'll see Kate Moss in Borneo, looking cheekily through a phone box surrounded by kiddos.

And although I am not a big fan of Kate Moss, who usually has that waif-ish heroin chic thing goin' on, I actually really like the way she seems so natural and 'real' in this photo shoot. I think this is Moss at her best!

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