Monday, October 3, 2011

girlie stuff: sparkle and skulls

I have been trying to give myself a mani-pedi weekly to raise my spirits. One thing I have been obsessed with is Sally Hansen nail decals. I've tried so many different patterns over the summer, and now that it is fall they released some Halloween themes. I love them!

I keep my nails really short- for my feetsies it is a leftover habit from all those years of ballet. For my hands it is because I tend to nervously bite! 

All decals seemed a bit much for my hands so I only put on a few, painting the other nails as sparkly as possible. 

Ta da! 

(ps the decals are kind of expensive,
 around $10 a box,
 but because my nails are short I can get two uses out of each box. )

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