Tuesday, November 15, 2011

aural fixation

I've been doing 12-14 hour days at my temp job doing tedious French medical document review. To make it through halfway sane I've been burning up my ipod with podcasts and audiobooks, which I had gotten really behind on since leaving France (I don't think to listen to them when I am not taking the metro or having a long commute usually). Here is what is keeping my mind alive:

Of course I've been listening to reruns of TAL, the best podcast ever! I listen to this one every week regularly anyway, along with:

The Moth: True stories told live without notes on open mics around the country. 

I had years of Radiolab building up in my itunes and now that I finally gave it a fair shot I've been burning through episodes like nobody's business! A science show that never stops giving. 

I listen a lot to Skeptically Speaking, along with a few others like History Chicks and Fresh Air, when I get tired of the other voices, but they aren't as great. 

So far I've gone through or started these audiobooks:

I love to listen to biographies or personal essays as audio books, especially when they are read by the author. 

So that's what I've been up to. Any suggestions? Because it is Tuesday night and I already billed 32 hours for the week! 

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