Friday, February 22, 2013

A Blog, A Book, and A Documentary

I would like to share some ladies who have been inspiring me lately from three different kinds of media.

1. Elsa Billgren

This has been my favorite blog for a long time now. Elsa is Swedish and her blog is all about her amazing life with her adorable husband, fun jobs, and vintage dresses. All of her occupations are like a dream: stylist, TV host, writer, and fancy party goer. She collects vintage wedding dresses and rents them out! She photographs her whole life and it is all colorful and beautiful. It is twee and navel gazing but I love it.

2. Carole Radziwell

I am currently reading her memoir, What Remains, recounting her life going from a small town New York girl to American royalty. Through her job as a journalist at NBC news she met her future husband, nephew of Jackie O. She lost her husband to cancer the same year her best friend and new cousin perished in the famous plane crash. Her story is full of tragedies and beauty.

3. Dr. Lucy Worsley

I stumbled across Dr.Lucy's BBC series A History of the Home on youtube and couldn't stop watching until all the episodes were done. It is fascinating! There is an episode about the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and each travels from medieval times through today.  I love her approach to the stories and her enthusiasm for the subject. I can't believe how much I learned from this mini docu series! I urge you all to go have a look.

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