Friday, February 15, 2013

Hey baby, what's your type?

With my 30th birthday approaching and having just passed Valentine's Day, I got to thinking about "my type." I don't know if this is normal, but my type has changed so much over the years since I started dating. I thought it would be fun to go through some of them.

Type: The 70s hottie
Age: ~1998-2001 : high school
Example: Jason Lee as Jeff Bebe, the self consumed band leader in Almost Famous

In high school I dreamed about those tall, lean early 70s hippie types. I thought it was the sexiest thing- a guy who strummed an acoustic guitar and wore flares. I had a Jim Morrison poster on my wall and flowers in my hair. I thought Roger Daltry was perhaps the prettiest face I had ever seen.

 Type: the rocker with a heart of gold
Age: ~2001-2004: early college
Example: Jared Leto as the stupid but gorgeous Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life

This is probably the most stereotypical example. In early college I was hot for guys who were in bands that had eyeliner on their bathroom sinks and guitar pics in their pockets. Pretty boring to me now, but very sexy at the time. 

Type: The exciting academic
Age: ~2004-2006: late college through beginning of law school
Example: Harrison Ford as the smoldering archaeology professor Indiana Jones

For a while I thought I was destined to end up with an academic. I dreamed of traveling the world with a researcher, engineer, or professor. I was starting to become a little more rational in my future planning. Most important qualities were cute, smart, and clever. 

Type: Chefs & Carpenters
Age: ~2006-2010 Law school 
Example: Micheal Ealy playing a delicious chef in Think Like a Man

Maybe it was the influence of being in such a creative city like New Orleans, or maybe I just had my fill of stuffy academics, but in law school I was all about guys who could work with their hands. There was nothing sexier to me than being able to fix a car or make home-made mozzarella. Come to think of it, those things are still really sexy. 

Type: Nerds
Age:~2010 to present? post law school to recently 
Example: Jad Abumrad gets nerdy on his science podcast RadioLab

I noticed that after law school I dated some nerds. I have always liked nerdy guys but I hadn't dated many. I think I liked that they reminded me of the sweet guys I used to hang out with in high school. 

And what now? I have no idea. I guess being in a sort of limbo in my life makes it hard to pick which kind of partner would be perfect. I guess I could always to find myself a nerdy musician with a PhD who wears vintage t-shirts and brews his own beer. Oh dear- all my types combined form a perfect hipster! 

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