Saturday, July 13, 2013

I let him and I liked it and I don’t care

Peggy Paula so stunned that she couldn’t cry, couldn’t feel, and maybe that’s why she let the man in two nights later, had to see his eyes, had to feel again, and she kept letting the man in, she kept letting the man, his smell the hair on his chest the delicate skin above his pelvis the muscles in his thighs his calloused hands the shapes of his toes the gold in his eyes the missing molar the mole on his back the heart in his chest the breaths in and out he was alive he was another he was a man and Peggy Paula let him, she let him, because if no one is there to touch you are you even really there
excerpt from
Three Things You Should Know About Peggy Paula 

I have been trying to start writing more again, and sites like Recommended Reading really help that. This piece is amazing- please go read the whole thing!

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