Sunday, December 29, 2013

six impossible things I am into right now

here are my current obsessions going into 2014:

1. instagram

I looooove my instagram. It reminds me of when I used to take pictures all the time, some documented in the old blog Neighbor//Neighbour.

Get with the times, get one, and follow me!

2. hot mint tea

Currently drinking mint tea by the bucketload. 

3. American Horror Story

I powered through the first two seasons on netflix, and the current one is in New Orleans! 

4. music I loved in high school and college

I am currently uploading my giant rack of CDs into my itunes so that I can finally pack them all away to stop collecting dust, and reliving some past loves in the process. 

5. writing

I am trying to write more. I got a new journal for pen to paper thoughts and am sure to commit to writing more poetry, letters, and stories in 2014. (nevermind that this is always a resolution of mine)

6. white cotton sheets

I got some new soft white cotton sheets for Christmas and am kicking myself for not changing out my old ones earlier. It is like sleeping on a cloud. 

What are you into now?

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