Monday, August 8, 2011

Summertime pork tacos

Do you ever read a recipe and you just can't wait to make it? That happened to me when I came across this recipe for cranberry chili street tacos. Luckily the stars were aligned, because Gigi was coming to visit and this is the perfect dinner to make when you aren't quite positive when your visitors will arrive. You make the pork in the slow cooker so it can heat all day, and the garnishes come together at the last minute because they are all raw. For Gigi I grilled some corn as a side but the tacos themselves make a lovely meal alone.

To make the pork filling, take a pork loin and place it into the slow cooker with a can of cranberry sauce and a jar of asian garlic chili sauce. I used these:

Cook on low all day- I let it go for about 9 hours. An hour before serving, shed the pork and then replace it into the sauce in the slow cooker to get nice and coated.

Two things: I trimmed most of the fat off of the pork loin, and in retrospect I shouldn't have because it turned out a little dry. I also tasted the pork at the shredding faze and added a healthy dose of hot sauce to the mix.

Also I wish the cranberries had made the pork a little more sour. Perhaps homemade cranberry sauce would be better?

For garnish I used:
shredded cabbage
red onion
fresh cilantro
salsa verde
sour cream
lime wedges

Heat up some fresh corn torillas, load 'em up, and eat! Yum! 


  1. This looks soo yummy! You just made my stomach rumble.

  2. Lola, can you please start writing a cook book? You were made for it. Now all I can think about is eating TACOS.